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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a voltage spike or surge?

A short duration voltage increase that degrades and sometimes devastates electrical and electronic equipment.

What causes voltage spikes and surges?

Voltage spikes and surges are an everyday occurance in virtually every electrical system.  Numerous culprits are to blame, the most notorious of which are weather, internal load switching, and the power provider.

What is a surge protective device?

Obviously, this term refers to a device which protects against voltage surges.  The term is merely descriptive and sounds like a commodity.  Different terms are used to label similar devices, but each manufacturer’s products may be very different.  One surge protective device (SPD) or transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS) may ineffectively protect against voltage surges and present safety hazards, another may be effective, yet unsafe, still another is both safe and effective.

Why should I use Maxivolt surge protective devices?

Maxivolt devices will eliminate damaging spikes and surges from your electrical system efficiently and safely.  This will prevent catastrophic and latent failure of your electronic and electrical equipment.  MVC Technical Specialists will ensure the right device is properly applied to give you the best protection possible.

What is latent failure?

Latent failure is the term we use to describe a scenario where the cumulative effect of damaging spikes and surges causes equipment to fail prematurely.

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